Princess Collection - 'The Racer' Candle
Princess Collection - 'The Racer' Candle

Princess Collection - 'The Racer' Candle

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The sharp-tongued little racer Von Schweetz now has her own candle! So what better fragrance to create for her than a bowl full of candy hearts?! Filling your room with scents of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, lime, mango, vanilla and sugar. 

8oz soy wax candle.

Please note - This candle has a slightly more yellow appearance than the others due to the fragrance oil used. 

NEW & IMPROVED - Knapp & Co. candles are made with 100% soy wax and high quality eco cotton wicks, to give an amazing scent throw. They are always made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients, and no artificial dyes are used, in order to create a fully natural aesthetic, subtly bringing a little magic into your home.

CLP Compliant

*All packaging will be recyclable, plus after your candle has burnt, simply wash out the tin with boiling water, wipe clean with a kitchen towel, and you have yourself a nifty little storage pot for coins, cotton pads, jewellery etc!*